Saturday, 23 May 2015

The Red Door Series and Other Projects

An update on projects...

I've recently written three more installments to The Red Door series, each one taking the reader in a different direction. 

I've already done a hard edit on part three, and I am now working on editing part four. I hope to have them done fairly soon.

I have two more stories, already written and edited, that I would like to turn into series as well. As I can write each installment in a week or less, if not interrupted, and the muse continues to cooperate, it shouldn't take me long to have them done as well.

Then I want to focus my attention on my 100+K paranormal, new adult novel. After that, I would like to finish up a horror/thriller, 30K in, and then hopefully flesh out a medieval fantasy I've been meaning to get to for some time now.

Here's hoping the muse keeps alive and well.


I've completed my rewrites and edits on Laura, The Visitor's Room, The Fifth Floor, a gored up version of The Red Door, and Beyond the Red Door, The Darkening, and Road's End (working title).