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A Horror/Paranormal story
by E. H. James


Michael Caulfield’s dreams are all about to come true—a new apartment with the woman he loves… an engagement ring in his pocket.

Only Michael has no idea his idyllic existence is about to come crashing down. The apartment is over a Darkening—a vortex between this world and the next. Created when the original owner made a deal with the devil, and opened years later, when an unsuspecting woman holds a house party with a psychic.

Now everyone who comes into prolonged contact with the Darkening is pulled in. Only no one remembers they ever existed. That is until Michael comes along. Not only is he not taken, but he is the first mortal to know of its existence. Only there is no one who believes him…or is there?

* * *
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* * *
New York, 1925

“And how is my little man tonight?” Amanda Bridges knelt before her son. “My you’re getting big. How old are you now, twenty?”
Tommy giggled. “No, three.” He struggled to hold up three fingers.
Amanda tweaked his cheek.
“You ready, honey?” Henry Bridges stood in the bedroom doorway, all six-foot-two of him bedecked in his finest suit, his short, black hair slicked back in a state of perfection. “Hey, little man.” He winked at Tommy. “You be a good boy for Rosario.” He stepped back to let Amanda pass.
“You look pretty, Mommy.”
Henry grabbed Amanda around the waist. “Yeah, Mommy, you look pretty.” He grinned down at her.
“Down, tiger.” Lowering her voice, she leaned in. “We don’t have time for that. We’ll be late.” Henry demonstrated his best impression of Tommy pouting and Amanda laughed. “Now come, or Mrs. Hamilton will be wondering what has become of us.”
Rosario gripped the talisman from under her sweater. “Gloria Hamilton? You are going to Mrs. Hamilton’s?”
Amanda pressed a smile to her lips. “Not now, Rosario.”
Henry frowned. “What’s going on?”
“Nothing.” Amanda patted his chest.
Henry looked from Rosario to Amanda. “Something’s going on here. And I’d like to know what it is.”
“Please, Missus.” Rosario tightened her grasp on the talisman.
Amanda spun on Rosario. “No. I will not discuss it. This conversation is over.”
Henry stepped in front of Amanda and took her by the shoulders. “I’ve never seen you this upset.”
Forcing a smile, she pulled up. “Yes, well I wouldn’t be, if Rosario didn’t keep bringing it up.”
Henry swung around. “Rosario?”
Amanda stepped between them. “Not now!”
Tommy whimpered, and Henry drew Amanda out into the hallway. “Tell me what’s going on.”
“Ever since Mrs. Hamilton sent the invitation to tonight’s party, Rosario’s been acting strange.”
“What do you mean, strange?”
She crossed her arms, avoiding his gaze.
“Amanda, clearly this is upsetting you. Now tell me. What did she say?”
She waved her hand. “Oh, it’s all just a bunch of nonsense. You know how she can be.”
He took her by the shoulders once more. Lowering his head, he tried to catch her gaze. “Ignore her. Yes, she’s young, but she’s great with Tommy, and that’s all that matters.”
She nodded. “You’re right.”
“Of course I am. When am I not?”
She pursed her lips and pressed up against him. “Why do you think I married you, for your looks?”
He slipped his arms around her and kissed her.
She pushed him playfully. “Careful. You don’t want to smear my lipstick, now do you?”
“There’s nothing I’d like to do more.”
She clucked her tongue and shook her head. Running a gloved hand over her blonde bob, she lifted her chin and slid her arm through Henry’s. “You’re right. I’m not going to let her ruin my evening.”
“There’s my girl.” He chucked her under the chin.
“Missus?” Rosario stood in Tommy’s doorway.
“We’re going now, Rosario.” Amanda brushed past her, and Rosario ran after them.
“Take this, please.” Rosario held out the talisman that never left her neck.
Amanda stopped. “You’re offering me your necklace?”
“Please.” Rosario nodded.
“I can’t take that. It means the world to you.”
“Yes, but you need it more.” She dangled it before Amanda.
Amanda held up her palm. “I wouldn’t dream of it.”
“If you’re going to Mrs. Hamilton’s, you need this more than I.”
“Okay, that’s it.” Henry scowled. “Look, I know you mean well, but you’re upsetting my wife, and I won’t have it. Do you understand?”
Rosario bowed her head. “Yes, sir.”
“You’re great with Tommy. You really are, but if this keeps up, we’ll have to let you go.” Henry shook his head.
Tommy started to cry.
“Now look what you’ve done.” Henry turned to Tommy’s room.
“No, let me. I know how to calm him.” Amanda went into Tommy’s room. Tommy was on his bed hugging his stuffed bear. “There, there.” She removed a silk handkerchief from her purse and wiped away his tears. “There’s my brave little man.” She sat on the bed. “I tell you what. Why don’t I make something just for you and no one else? How does that sound?”
Tommy stopped crying.
“That’s my good boy.” She moved to the mirror, braiding a small section of hair. Taking the scissors from the play table, she then cut the braid. “Fetch me a pen and ink, would you, Rosario?” She untied the blue ribbon from the stuffed bear’s neck and wrote across it: ‘I will love you always, Mommy!’ She drew a heart and kissed the ribbon, leaving a lipstick mark. “Here, you want to help me?”
Tommy smiled.
“You hold this braid, while I tie the ribbon.” She wrapped the ribbon around the braid and tied it with a bow. “There now.” Fastening the ribbon and braid to Tommy’s pajamas with a safety pin, she then hugged him. “Wear this next to your heart, and Mommy will always be with you.”
She kissed his cheek and walked from his room.
Rosario stood silently, as Amanda and Henry walked down the hall.
* * *
The chauffeur brought the Lincoln to a stop before the New York townhouse.
Amanda climbed from the car and tugged her fur collar snug around her neck. She shivered, and Henry paused.
“You all right?”
She tucked her arm around his. “I’m fine.”
“You don’t look fine.”
“It’s a chill, nothing more.” She studied his expression. “The way you’re looking at me, you’d think someone walked over my grave.” Henry stared, and Amanda snickered. “It’s just an expression.” She drew a finger down his cheek.
She admired the bow windows that extended up to the second floor. The townhouse’s windows were open, the Charleston drifting out into the night from the Victrola inside. They ascended the front steps. The doors opening, as Mrs. Hamilton crossed the marble floor of the grand entry.
“Darlings.” She was dressed in black. The feathers from her headband waving above her, as she came gushing toward them.
The man by the door took their coats and Henry’s hat, and then disappeared without saying a word.
“I’m so glad you’re here.” Mrs. Hamilton did the double cheek press she was known for. “Everyone’s here, don’t you know. And I have a special surprise.” She escorted them into the drawing room. A number of people were chatting among themselves. As they entered, all conversation ceased. “Amanda and Henry have arrived.” She guided them across the room. “I believe you already know everyone.” She stopped before a woman on one of the sofas. “And this is Madame Baranovsky.”
Madame Baranovsky lifted her head. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
Mrs. Hamilton beamed. “Madame Baranovsky is a medium and has agreed to hold a séance for us. Right here, in this very drawing room.”
The smile fell from Amanda’s face, and Henry chuckled, prodding her with his elbow. “You’re not thinking about what Rosario said, are you?”
“Of course not. Don’t be silly. This is all in good fun. Nothing more. I know that.”
“Good to hear, but you know you’d be more convincing, if you stopped crushing my fingers.” He patted her hand.
“It’s all the rage, don’t you know. I brought Madame in special for this evening.” Mrs. Hamilton clapped twice, and six big men appeared carrying a large table. They set it down in the middle of the room and then placed ten chairs around it. She waved, and they vanished through the doorway as silently as they came. “Everyone, if you would please be seated. There’s no time like the present.”
They all pulled out a chair and sat, grinning at one another as Madame took her place at the head of the table.
Mrs. Hamilton lit candles and placed them in the table’s center. Turning off the Victrola and the lights, she then sat at the table’s foot. “There now, I think we’re ready.”
“If you would all hold hands, please.” Everyone held hands with the person on either side of them. “Now, everyone relax and close your eyes. Clear your minds of all thought. Feel the energy, as we seek to communicate with the other side.”
Amanda’s heart pounded, and she opened one eye. Henry was peeking at her. Squeezing her hand, he winked. Smiling, she closed her eyes once more.
Madame began to hum, her breaths coming slow and deep. “Spirits, are you with us?”
“Is there anyone there?”
The table shifted, and they all gasped.
Henry gaped. “Jeez! This thing must weigh a ton, how—”
“Shhh!” Madame raised her chin, and the room again fell silent. “Who are you? Who has come to us this night?”
The table lifted a foot off the floor and dropped with a bang. The candles fell over, and the room fell into darkness. They all screamed, and Amanda jumped back, her chair falling onto the hardwood floor.
“Amanda, where are you? The lights. Someone get the lights.”
Glass smashed on the floor, and the lights came on. Mrs. Hamilton stood next to the switch. “It’s all part of the séance.” She smiled, but her face was white as a sheet.
It was clear to Amanda that Mrs. Hamilton didn’t expect what had happened. It took six large men to lift that table and carry it, and here it had risen on its own.
Mrs. Hamilton walked back to her chair. “If you would all take your seats?”
“I’m not going near that thing.” Amanda grasped the doorknob, but it wouldn’t budge. “This door is locked.”
“What?” Mrs. Hamilton came over and took hold of the knob. True to Amanda’s words, it did not open. “Gerald? Why is this door locked?”
There was no answer from the hallway, and Amanda ran to the other door. It too was locked.
“I’ll climb out the window, if I have to.” She took a step toward the windows, and the table split in two. Each half flew across the room, as guests dodged out of its path. The two halves crashed into furniture, as chairs splintered and ornaments smashed. The Victrola started to play on its own. “Henry?”
Henry grabbed Amanda and held her tight. “What’s going on here?” He turned to Madame, who’d been sitting quietly this whole time.
Slowly, Madame raised her head. Her eyes were black, as she stared out at them.
Amanda buried her head against Henry’s chest.
The floor opened up, the wood splintering and cracking as it flew out into the room. The hole beneath was black and bottomless, and furniture and carpets began sliding into it.
“Henry!” Amanda wrapped her arms around Henry’s neck.
Henry ran to the windows, pulling Amanda behind him. Guests were dragged across the floor toward the hole. Amanda screamed. He lifted her up onto the sill. “Quick. Slide your legs out and drop down.”
His hand was wrenched from hers, and he flew into the hole. “Henry!” She reached for him, but he was gone. “Henry, no!”
Everything in the room was slipping into the hole, as Amanda gripped the window frame, her knuckles white. A blinding flash filled the room and surrounded her…and then everything fell into darkness.
* * *
All around Rosario, toys were vanishing from Tommy’s room. Clothing and furnishings disappeared.
Darkness, not unlike a black mist, crept under the door and across the floor.
Rosario fastened the last button on Tommy’s coat and adjusted the talisman around his neck.
Tommy pointed at the darkness under the door. “What’s that?”
“It’s nothing.” She lifted him into her arms.
“Where are we going?”

Rosario hurried through the side door. “Some place safe, sweetie. Some place safe.”

* * *
Author Bio

E. H. James has always been fascinated by the unexplained. Wanting to delve deeper into the unknown, James has read and researched in the areas of parapsychology and metaphysics, for the past forty years.

Taking those first hand experiences, involving the unexplained, James has woven the real and imaginary together into stories of the strange and bizarre.

James' stories range from the paranormal to horror, to fantasy and science fiction, from short stories and novellas, to 100K+ novels.

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A Paranormal/Fantasy Novella
by E. H. James


Unaware of the powers lurking within her, Caitlin opens a door 
between worlds, allowing a fallen angel to pass through the veil of 
darkness into the light.

Attaching himself to Caitlin, he feeds off her fear to build his 
strength, intending to kill her, in order to prevent the door through 
which he can be forced back into the darkness from opening.

Aware of Malfeil’s return, Ezriel, the angel who cast him down by 
divine order, must be the one to send him back into the darkness. 
He appears to Caitlin, calling upon her to ask her to help him. But 
between his visits—causing her to have missing time—and Malfeil 
doing whatever he can to frighten her, Caitlin begins to question 
her sanity.

Realizing what she must do, there’s just one problem. An 
emergency room doctor, with a penchant for house calls, believes 
her unstable and is seeking to have her institutionalized.

Now she must evade the doctor while seeking out Ezriel…and all 
before Malfeil kills her.

*Warning: This excerpt contains strong language.


“Stop laughing. You’ll get us both killed.”
The car straddled the center line, and Nicole swerved into her own lane. “Relax will ya. Jeez, you’re worse than my grandma.”
“At least she is a grandma. I’m surprised she’s still alive, driving with you.” Caitlin shifted in her seat. “Let me drive.”
“I only had two glasses of wine, and that was hours ago.” Nicole grinned. “Why, you worried you won’t find someone to pay the other half of the rent?”
“Oh, I know I won’t have any trouble finding a new roommate.”
“Good luck renting that second room, what with you being such a slob.” Caitlin scowled and Nicole laughed. “Hey, what’s a best friend for, if not to put up with each other?”
A deer stepped into the road and Caitlin gasped. Pushing back, she braced her feet against the floorboard.
Nicole gripped the steering wheel. The deer didn’t move, and she slammed on the brakes—the tires screeching as they dragged over pavement. She turned, the car veering off the road and down an embankment.
Water rushed up over the hood and onto the windshield. The car bobbed up, but then its nose dipped. Water gushed in under the dash.
“Oh, Jeez. Oh, Jeez…oh, Jeez.”
Caitlin unbuckled her seatbelt. “Unfasten your belt.”
Nicole gaped at the black liquid, as it slid up the glass.
Caitlin pressed the button on the passenger door. The power window started to lower and then stopped. “Shit!” Reaching into the darkness at her feet, she flinched. A cold numbness ran up her arm.
“What are you doing?”
Caitlin ran her fingers along the floorboard. “I keep a hammer under the seat.”
“You what?”
“Get your seatbelt off!”
Nicole pressed her thumb on the release button. Her fingernail bent back and snapped. “I can’t. It’s jammed.”
“I was going to put a knife or pair of scissors in the car, in case this happened.” Caitlin’s fingertips brushed up against the hammer’s handle. Gripping it, she lifted it out.
“You expected this?”
“No, I prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Nicole, we don’t have time to talk.” Caitlin swung the hammer at the window. The glass shattered, and the water rushed in.
“What are you doing?”
“We have to get out.” Caitlin pushed against the gushing onslaught.
“Don’t leave me.”
“I’m not. How tight is your seatbelt? Can you loosen it?”
Nicole slid her hand under the belt. “It’s not tight, but it won’t loosen. There’s not enough slack for me to get out.”
“Do you have a compact in your purse? Something with a mirror in it?”
Nicole frowned. “Why?”
“We can use the glass to cut the belt.”
“Yes!” Nicole fumbled for her purse and retrieved the compact.
“Take this hammer, and break the mirror on the dash.” Caitlin climbed out the window. Her feet touched the lake bottom, and she stood next to the car. “It’s not deep. Nicole, it’s not deep, here.” Climbing on the roof, she scrambled to the driver’s side.
“It’s working.” Nicole smiled, her lips trembling.
Caitlin leaned close to the glass. “Hurry, Nicole.”
Nicole turned her face to Caitlin, tears streaming down her cheeks.
“I can’t get the door open, until there is equal pressure. And even if I could, that would let the water in faster.” She punched the door. “Nicole, break the window so I can help you.”
Nicole swung the hammer and smashed the driver’s side window.
Caitlin reached in and retrieved a piece of mirror from the compact. She cut the other side of the belt from where Nicole was cutting. “It’s coming, Nicole. This is going to work.” The car sunk, its roof submerging. She put the shard between her teeth and unlocked Nicole’s door. Placing her foot on the car, she gripped the door handle. She pulled, the door giving way.
Nicole clawed at her arms, tearing into her flesh and dragging her down. Caitlin clenched her jaw and reached in the blackness for Nicole’s belt. She positioned the piece of glass into the notch she’d already cut, the shard slicing her fingers. Lifting her head above the surface, she gasped. “Nicole, help me. Keep cutting.”
Again, Caitlin slipped beneath the surface. Drawing her hand along the belt, she once more located the notch she’d cut.
The belt was almost cut through. Nicole grabbed her, and the shard fell from Caitlin’s grasp. Once more, she raised her head out of the water. “Nicole, help me. Pull on the belt as hard as you can.”
Nicole’s grip tightened on her arm, and Caitlin filled her lungs. She dipped under and drew her face close to Nicole’s, intent on giving her air, but Nicole yanked her down.
Caitlin grasped the belt. Bracing her foot on the car, she pulled, but Nicole continued to hold her. She struggled free. Nicole gripped her hand. Her own body convulsed, as Nicole struggled. She closed her eyes. Nicole’s grasp relaxed within hers. A floating sensation came over her, as if she were drifting upward.
It lasted no more than a few seconds. Something hit her, washing over her like a wave of intense joy, as if every cell in her being had exploded in rapture. It enveloped her, flowing through her. It was an emotion. A physical sensation on a level never before experienced.
She was still holding Nicole’s hand, when she opened her eyes. The sensation lingered, the headlights oddly mesmerizing as they shone out into the murky depths.
“You all right? Are you hurt?” A man jumped in and swam to her. “Oh my God. Daren, there’s someone still in the car.” He dove in and popped up a moment later. “The seatbelt’s jammed. There’s a knife in my glove compartment.”
Daren ran up the bank and reappeared a moment later. He took off his coat and dropped it on the shore. Running into the lake, he worked his way to them, shining the flashlight in the direction of the car.
“Give me the knife. Hold the flashlight so I can see.” The first man disappeared beneath the surface. Returning a moment later, he had Nicole in his arms. “I’ve got this. You take her.”
Daren wrapped his arm around Caitlin’s waist and drew her to the shore.
She sat shivering, as the first man carried Nicole up onto the grass.
He laid Nicole on the ground, her eyes directed up at the full moon. Pressing his fingertips to Nicole’s neck, he then raised his head and shook it.
Daren tilted her head back. Pinching her nose, he blew into her mouth.
“What are you doing?”
“The water’s cold. It slows down the metabolism so it requires less oxygen. You’d be surprised how long people can last and be brought back. Now help me, Josh.”
Daren continued to provide air, while Josh performed compressions.
“Is everyone all right?” Three more people climbed down the embankment.
Josh glanced up. “Call nine-one-one.”
“What about her?” One of them pointed at Caitlin.
“Do you have a blanket in your car?”
A moment later, someone draped a blanket around Caitlin’s shoulders. “Thank you,” she whispered.
“Weren’t you just at the party?”
Caitlin tipped her head back, a heaviness coming over her. Squinting up at the voice, she collapsed.
“Are you all right?” someone asked.
She lay on the wet grass, as they worked on Nicole. Somewhere in the distance, a siren cut through the night.
Voices melded one into the other.
Nicole slowly turned her head toward Caitlin. Her lips moved, as if she were speaking.
Everything went black.

* * *

Book Trailer

* * *

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The Demon Series Compendium

In all it is a very, very fine magnum opus.
~ Grady Harp
Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer
Amazon top 500 Reviewer

This was an amazing series, and I loved 
every bit of this wild and amazing ride!!
~ Jenny Bynum

...stuck with me days after I finished reading it.
~ Stephanie Herman
SLH Reviews

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NOW AVAILABLE ~ The Demon Series Compendium

The Demon Series Compendium

A story that spans centuries all begins on a September night, in 
1962, when Max Jensen steps into the cellar of Edward Starke, on the anniversary of the serial killer’s execution.

Setting into motion a series of events that will change history, it is 
now up to Jesse Miller, together with an ex-priest, a reporter, a ghost, a high school buddy, and a demon killing beast, to attempt to set the timeline back again.

Will they succeed, or will demons wipe humanity from the face of 
the planet?


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