Thursday, 10 August 2017

Here is the Contest Winner!

The winner of The Demon Series contest
at My Passion for Books Blog
is Kimberly Brown.
Kimberly has been sent her prize.
Congratulations, Kimberly! 

Saturday, 8 July 2017

~ Review ~

The Rise of Edward Starke
The Demon Series Part 4

This author has done it again and brought forth another creepy but amazing short story of Edward Stark in this phenomenal read. 

The characters were remarkable and completely real feeling. I love how this author weaves a new story each time but with the same characters in different time frames. I love reconnecting with characters and being reminded about what happened in previous books.

The story-line, though short, was still addicting and to the point. I was completely enchanted by this story. I just couldn't put this book down. This is by far my favorite story of them all yet with the newest twists, turns, and secrets and I highly recommend this to adults.

5 Stars ~ Awesome, must read!

Jenny Bynum ~ Black Words-White Pages 

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Ascension Video

The Chosen
The Demon Series Part 5

Warning: This book contains violence and language that may be offensive to some readers.

Click here to buy your copy now!

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Ascension Excerpt


Jesse sat up in bed. The light from the streetlamp made its way between the cracks in the curtains, creating long slender beams that reached across his bed and up the wall. He waited, but there was only silence. A pair of blue eyes glowed at the foot of his bed.
Amara flicked the tip of her tail. Her body contorted and grew into a hooded figure that loomed over him.
“What the...?”
The figure lingered and then reached a long clawed hand out at his face.
Jesse yelled and sat up.
At the foot of his bed, a pair of blue eyes blinked. She pricked her ears, her tail twitching.
His heart pounded. “Whoa, that was…intense.” He cast a look in Amara’s direction. “That was a dream, right?”
Of course it was.
Jesse narrowed his eyes on Amara. “You don’t sound convinced.”
She sat up and meowed.
“Don’t pull that innocent cat routine on me.”
She purred and kneaded the bedspread.
“Oh now you’re just taking it too far.”
Curling into a ball, she lay at the foot of his bed.
“Fine, have it your way.” He lay back, resting his head on the pillow. The cell phone rang, and Jesse grabbed it. Amara was no longer at the foot of the bed. “Amara?”
I’m over here, on the chair. I wasn’t about to let you kick me off the bed.
“You knew there was a call coming in?”
You still have to ask me that question? And answer it already. It’s important.
“If you already know everything, why don’t you just save me the time and tell me?”
She didn’t reply.
“Right. What would be the fun in that?”
That is not what I was thinking, and you know it. It’s Steadman calling.
Jesse brought the cell to his ear. “Steadman?”
“Christian told me you were back in town. We’re all meeting up at Quinn’s place, in a couple of hours. We’ll talk when we get there. Don’t want to discuss anything over the phone.”
“Right. I’ll see you there.” Steadman hung up, and Jesse held out the phone.
He’s hurt. You left without telling him, and you’ve been gone for ten years. He may not say it, but he felt abandoned by his best friend.
“You’re right. I owe him an explanation and an apology.”
Wait. Did we just agree on something?
“Oh stop it. Look, I know what you’re doing is important to you, and I get it. I appreciate that you have my back. And I know this…whatever this thing is we have going on, is a way for both of us to not think about what’s coming. We could both die.”
Talk about letting the cat out of the bag.
“You had to go there, didn’t you?”

Monday, 3 July 2017


The Chosen 
The Demon Series Part 5

Jesse returns from India, ten years later, in his arms a Katemara. But he is not returning to the world he left. Demons are possessing humans on a regular basis. Committing crimes and leaving the humans to suffer the consequences, the demons are amassing huge sums of money.

Left to wonder what the demons could be plotting, Jesse knows they are after more than just mischief, pain, and pleasure. But when Cole confesses to one of Starke’s murders, believing himself responsible for not having stopped Starke, Jesse and the gang have more than just demons to worry about. And when overwhelmed by demons bent on killing them, they must run.

Will Jesse take his rightful place as the chosen one, or will the demon occupation prevent the ascension?

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Possession Video

The Rise of Edward Starke
The Demon Series Part 4


WARNING: This novella contains language that may be offensive to some readers.

Thursday, 8 June 2017


New York, 2025
Whatever you do, don’t make an ass out of yourself. And don’t barf on the man…dear God, don’t barf on the man. Shifting in the waiting room chair, Jesse adjusted the knot on his tie. His gaze moved up the wall to the many framed magazine covers, all of Cole Pearson—the man of the decade.
Pearson came out of nowhere, taking over old or failing businesses and making their products or services the most wanted in America. He was the man with the golden touch, thirty-five and already a billionaire. Everyone wanted to be him, and everyone who wanted to make something of themselves wanted to work for him. The competition was steep, the best of the best vying for positions, but not only that, Cole Pearson did all the interviews for the executive positions himself. Choosing those he believed would best fit his vision of where he wanted to take his company.
“Jesse Miller?”
Jesse started.
A young blonde woman stood at the edge of the waiting room. “Mr. Pearson will see you now.”
“Right. Yes.”
“If you will follow me, please.” She led him to a door. Stepping aside, she motioned for him to enter.
Jesse strode in the doorway. He stopped dead in his tracks, his jaw dropping. The office was massive, art and sculptures adorning every wall and corner. “Holy shit,” he whispered.
“Not the best first impression, I will admit, but the most unique one so far, I must say.”
Jesse’s breath caught in his throat. “Mr. Pearson, I can’t tell you what an honor it is to meet you, sir. Even if I did just make an ass out of myself.” He froze. “I don’t believe I just told you I made an ass out of myself. And I just did it again.” He waved a finger toward the door. “Should I leave now, before I make more of an ass…?” He closed his eyes. “Let me start again. I would consider it an honor to have an opportunity to work for someone like you. You’ve accomplished so much. Hell, I’m almost the same age as you, and I can’t say I’ve managed to…” He backed toward the door. “Maybe it’s best I leave, before I make it any worse.”
Pearson remained with his high-backed chair facing the view. “Stay. It’s refreshing to hear some honesty, for a change. I can’t tell you how tired I am of people feeding me bullshit all day. And believe me, I can tell a bullshiter a mile away. So, tell me, Mr. Miller, what can you give me that no one else can?”
“Oh God.”
“God isn’t something I need.”
Jesse laughed, but then cleared his throat. “I’m thirty, and I feel that gives me a distinct advantage over the younger candidates.”
“How so?”
“I have more life experience.”
“And what have you done with that life experience? What successes can you share with me?”
Once again, Jesse adjusted the knot in his tie. “I’ve researched every business you’ve taken over. How you restructured it inside and out. How you brought in the perfect people for the positions, researched suppliers, increased output, and for a fraction of the cost. How you rewired ad campaigns to reach the public, and made them believe they had to have what you were selling, whether they needed it or not.”
“And how exactly does that help me?”
“I see how you think. I know how you work.”
“Do you?” Pearson swiveled his chair to face Jesse.
        Jesse stared. Instead of Cole Pearson sitting before him, it was Edward Starke