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The Crossing
Book Launch
January 5 - 7
Contest runs from 
12:01 a.m. Friday Jan. 5
 to 9 p.m. Sunday Jan. 7 
Pacific Time

To get your free gift, you must participate and follow 
the contest entry instructions.

The free gift is a short story by me.
This will be sent by email in pdf format.
Pdf can be converted to your kindle should you choose.

Gift will be sent January 15, after the winner is chosen.

Your Free Gift

*This story is an addendum to The Crossing, and 
should be read after you finish reading The Crossing.

The Beginning
Genre: Paranormal
Length: 1,800 words
Format: pdf

Important: Please read all the instructions 
before participating.

Winners will be chosen and contacted on Jan. 15th. Please make a note of this contest on your calendar, to check your inbox and junk folder for an email from me on that date.

Winner will have 72 hours to respond to email, so PLEASE make sure to check your email and junk folder.

If I do not hear from the winners in 72 hours, a new winner will be chosen. This is to make it fair to all participants, as in the past there have been winners that never responded, and this way the prize gets awarded and received.

Once the winner has responded and confirmed, I will announce their name here on this blog, and on my Facebook Event Page, as well as Twitter, and my Facebook profile and page.

Here is what the winner will receive:

Grand Prize
3 Posters 
4 Postcards 
I can autograph all these, if you wish.
2 Bracelets
4 Necklaces
7 Assorted Flavors Tea Bags
Your Choice of One of the following Ebook Short Stories:
The Visitor's Room
The Fifth Floor
The Orah

* * *

The Crossing

The Crossing

Unaware of the powers lurking within her, Caitlin opens a door 
between worlds, allowing a fallen angel to pass through the veil of darkness into the light.

Attaching himself to Caitlin, he feeds off her fear to build his
 strength, intending to kill her, in order to prevent the door through which he can be forced back into the darkness from opening.

Aware of Malfeil’s return, Ezriel, the angel who cast him down by 
divine order, must be the one to send him back into the darkness. He appears to Caitlin, calling upon her to ask her to help him. But between his visits—causing her to have missing time—and Malfeil doing whatever he can to frighten her, Caitlin begins to question her sanity.

Realizing what she must do, there’s just one problem. An 
emergency room doctor, with a penchant for house calls, believes her unstable and is seeking to have her institutionalized.

Now she must evade the doctor while seeking out Ezriel…and all 
before Malfeil kills her.

* * *
Grand Prize
+ One Short Story

Close up of Posters




Bracelet 1

Bracelet 2

Necklace 1
Gold-Coloured Chain

Necklace 2
Crystal Cluster

Necklace 3
Hollow Gold Heart With Crystals

Necklace 4
Butterfly Wishing Bottle with Removable Cork

Your Choice of One of the following Ebook Short Stories
(Laura, The Visitor's Room, The Fifth Floor, or The Orah)

Laura, The Visitor's Room, or The Fifth Floor will be emailed as a mobi to a Kindle Email 
address only. If you don't own a Kindle, or use a Kindle app on a device, for copyright 
purposes a watermarked pdf will be provided. The Orah will be emailed as a watermarked pdf.

* * *
How to Enter for your chance to win:

To enter for a chance to win the Grand Prize
here is what you need to do.

*Proof of Purchase is Required.

Purchase a copy of The Crossing ebook. When you make your purchase, please take a screen shot of your receipt, clearly showing the date and what you purchased.

Buy Links for The Crossing 

For those who don’t wish to use the universal link, here is the 
ASIN. You can use this to find the book on your country’s Amazon.


Attach the screen shot to an email and email it to:

Put "The Crossing Contest" in the subject line.

If you don't know have a cutting tool, or know how to do a screen shot, please scroll down for instructions on how to take a screen shot. If you don't want to do a screen shot, you can print the screen (MUST clearly show the date and your purchase) then scan it back into your computer, and attach it to an email and send to my email above.

All names will be collected and winners determined using a program that will chose a name at random.

In order to be eligible to enter, emails with receipts must be received during the dates and times stated at the top of this blog.

Winner of the Grand Prize will be mailed out their prize as soon as they are confirmed and have provided their mailing address. Their chosen ebook will be emailed as a mobi to a kindle email address. If you do not have a kindle email address, a watermarked pdf will be sent. Should you choose The Orah, it will be sent as a watermarked pdf.

* * *

How to Take a Screen Shot

Position the screen so you can clearly see the purchase, and date. etc.

On your computer keyboard locate and press the key that reads Print Screen. It's usually located around the top right of your keyboard and may have PrtSc on it.

The screen shot has now been captured.

To access the shot, now go into Paint.

If you don't know where that is, use the computer's search function and type in Paint. The program should show up in a list.

Click on Paint. Open the program.

On the top left you will see a clipboard. Click Paste.

The image you captured should now appear on the Paint Screen.

Now click File on the top left, choose "save as" and decide what folder you will put it in, and give it a name.

Go to your email account. Click attach, find the folder, click on the image and attach it to the email.

Put The Crossing Contest in the subject line and email the receipt to the email given above.

* * *

This contest is a thank you from me to those of you who purchase and read my books. To you, I wish to show my appreciation and love!

E. H. James


The Demon Series Compendium

In all it is a very, very fine magnum opus.
~ Grady Harp
Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer
Amazon top 500 Reviewer

This was an amazing series, and I loved 
every bit of this wild and amazing ride!!
~ Jenny Bynum

...stuck with me days after I finished reading it.
~ Stephanie Herman
SLH Reviews

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*Proof of purchase required

With your purchase of 
The Demon Series Compendium 
ebook, or print book,
I will give away a copy of my short story
The Empty Room

Your Gift
Title: The Empty Room
Genre: Horror/Paranormal
Length: 1,500 word approx.
Format: pdf
Warning: This story may contain language and violence offensive to some readers.

To get your gift you must send proof of purchase to

Please attach a screen shot to an email clearly showing your purchase of The Demon Series ebook and I will email you my horror short story The Empty Room, in pdf format.

A thank you to my readers!

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NOW AVAILABLE ~ The Demon Series Compendium


The Demon Series Compendium

A story that spans centuries all begins on a September night, in 
1962, when Max Jensen steps into the cellar of Edward Starke, on the anniversary of the serial killer’s execution.

Setting into motion a series of events that will change history, it is 
now up to Jesse Miller, together with an ex-priest, a reporter, a ghost, a high school buddy, and a demon killing beast, to attempt to set the timeline back again.

Will they succeed, or will demons wipe humanity from the face of 
the planet?


More Print Copy Links to be Added!

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The Path Now Available!

Now Available for Purchase 

The Demon Series Part 8
The Path
Keeper of the Amaarand 

When Max Jensen is brutally murdered, on September 9, 1962, 
Timmy Jensen’s life is changed forever.

Timmy adored Max, and his loss was something neither he, nor his
parents, could overcome. Shunned and ostracized, as the brother of that murdered teen, Timmy manages to find a job with a kind man by the name of Earl Jackman. Hauling away junk from people’s attics, Timmy meets Jenny Krieger and falls in love. Only Jenny’s father won’t have it, and she is shipped off to boarding school in Europe. But not before he meets Jenny’s grandma and is given a powerful medallion, known as the Amaarand.

Told he can use it to rescue his brother Max’s soul from hell, he
must now patiently wait for his opportunity. He just didn’t know he’d have to wait until 2012.

Click on the Links below to purchase your copy of my Paranormal Novelette The Path:

Now available at Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, 
Angus & Roberston

Universal Link to Reach Apple, B&N, Kobo, & A&R

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The Path: The Demon Series Part 8 ~ Excerpt

Coming November 7

The Demon Series Part 8
The Path
Keeper of the Amaarand

Warning: Strong Language

Chapter One

Fairfield, California, September 9, 1962
“It’s not him. I’m telling you. He’s upstairs in his room.”
Ten-year-old Timmy Jensen sat up in bed. The clock read one.
Footsteps rose on the stairs.
“Mom?” He climbed from under the covers and padded to his bedroom door. Opening it a crack, he peeked out.
“Max? Honey?” She rapped lightly on Max’s door.
There was no answer, and she opened it.
“Max?” She flipped his light on. For a moment, she stood silently in the doorway, and then collapsed onto her knees, falling against the door.
Timmy stepped into the hall. “Mom?”
She threw her head back, her mouth agape, as tears streamed down her face. His father kneeled next to her and took her into his arms.
“Go to bed, Timmy. Your mom can’t talk just now.” His chin trembling, his father bowed his head and closed his eyes.
A knot tightened in the pit of his stomach. His knees shook, and he gripped the door. “Did something happen?”
She screamed, and it was as if an ice-cold shard pierced his heart.
His legs became heavy, his knees wobbling. He tried to swallow, but his mouth was dry. “Mommy…Max?”

Chapter Two

“Hey, you’re the brother of that kid who was butchered.”
Tim kept his eyes trained on the register. “That was a double cheeseburger, extra pickles, a large fries, and a…”
“Medium root beer.”
“Right. A medium root beer.” He rang up the order and gave him his change.
He wasn’t much older than Tim. In his late teens, if he had to guess. For some reason, they were always the most likely to blurt out the most inappropriate remarks.
Tim gathered his order and handed it to him.
“That was gruesome, man. What they found of your brother.”
“Do you seriously have nothing better to do, than be a complete asshole?”
The teen pulled up. “What did you just say to me?”
“I called you out for the insensitive fuck that you are. Who goes around announcing the body was found in pieces to a member of the family? What kind of a person does that?”
Tim turned, as his boss came out of his office.
The teen grinned. “Ooo, it looks like someone’s in trouble.”
“Bit difficult to be in trouble, when I no longer work here, shithead.” He took off his hat and apron and tossed them on the counter. “I quit.”
It had been the fifth job that summer, where obnoxious customers would comment or stare and whisper, some even turning around and leaving at the mere sight of him. It had been six years since Max’s dismembered body had been discovered in the cellar of the Starke house, and no one was about to forget it any time soon. After all, how often does something like that happen in a town like Fairfield? Well, that is besides Starke. That no one could determine how he was torn to shreds, and that it happened on the anniversary of Starke’s execution, only added grist to the gossip mill.
It became clear he couldn’t work anywhere serving the public, least not in this town. But then it had been all over the news. So it’s not like he could just up and get a job in the next town over, or anywhere for that matter.
No, he’d just have to come up with another plan.

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Monday, 9 October 2017

Excerpt ~ Of Noble Blood ~ Part 7 The Demon Series

Of Noble Blood
The Demon Series Part 7

“My queen.”
Queen Ta-maal turned, as the seer approached. “Lewaer? What have you to tell me?”
“The council has convened.”
Ta-maal’s brow furrowed. “Why was I not informed?”
Lewaer came close. “The timeline, Your Majesty, it has been altered.”
For a moment, Ta-maal did not speak. “I’m afraid you have me at a disadvantage, my dear Lewaer.”
“It’s the consensus of the council. This timeline has shifted. What you see, should not be.” She wandered to the window. “The land should be fertile. The king…alive.”
Ta-maal pressed a hand to her stomach. “How can this be? The king has been dead for ten years. The land scorched and buildings in ruin, as far back as I can remember.”
“The timeline, in which we are now living, should not exist. There has been a shift which has created a ripple effect, leaving us in this world as we see it now.”
“You say it has been altered from its current course?”
“Yes, Your Majesty. We traced the source to our present. Someone among us must have used the ancient texts, bringing into being what you see before us.”
“One of our own?” Ta-maal straightened. “Who has done such a thing?”
“We have yet to determine the source, or why they have done so.”
“Surely, there are a limited few.”
“Indeed.” Lewaer nodded. “And they’ve used those texts to mask their identity. We cannot hold all with access accountable. These individuals have been chosen carefully, for their unique ability to read and interpret those texts. Yet we cannot allow any one of them to access the texts alone. It has been decided, should the texts need be consulted, all must be present at one time. That way no one can overpower another, to once more misuse the sacred books.”
“A wise approach.” Ta-maal gathered herself. “Please, tell me there is a way to correct it.”
“There is…”
“Why do you hesitate?”
“The timeline can be restored, but you may not approve of the manner in which it must be done.”
“I see.” Ta-maal sat. “Tell me.”
“It must be Princess Amara.”
“My daughter?”
“Yes, Your Majesty.”
“But she is all of eighteen.”
Lewaer did not answer.
“And there is no other?”
“No, Your Majesty.”
Ta-maal went to the window. Looking out over the land, she was silent for some time. “Cala? Could you find Princess Amara, and ask her to please come to me? There is something I must discuss with her.”

* * *

Amara drew her fingertips over the smooth, cold surface of the gold plaque. “For my beloved Jesse.” The holder possessed a fresh rose. “Aegan?”
“Yes, Princess.”
Amara sighed. “I’ve told you not to call me that.”
“Yes, Princess.”
“Sorry, Prin—”
Amara faced her, and they both laughed. “You’re doing that on purpose. You know how much I dislike it.”
Aegan grinned. “You wanted to know about the plaque?”
“Yes. You know of it?”
“It’s a mystery. Has been for centuries. All anyone knows is it appeared one day. No one knows who put it there, or how they got it in.”
“But how is that possible? And why haven’t they simply removed it?”
“They tried. But the next day it is always back, as if newly placed. And always a fresh flower. After many tries to remove it, they simply stopped. It’s always immaculately kept, as the day it was found. Yet no one here tends it.”
Amara frowned. “Who puts the flower in the holder?”
“No one knows, but every day there is always a fresh flower. No one is seen. No one is heard. But every day a fresh flower appears.”
Amara took the flower from its holder and inhaled its delicate scent. “Whoever she is, she must love him very much.”
Aegan came close. “I would agree. Very much.”
No sooner than Amara slipped the flower into its holder, it vanished. She straightened, the holder and plaque disappearing from the wall. The room darkened and she turned. It was empty. “Aegan?” She reached out, her arm covered in a torn and dirty sleeve. “What…?” Lowering her head, she gasped. Her dress was soiled, its fabric worn and frayed. “How can this be?”
“How can what be?”
Amara started. “Aegan? Where did you go?”
Aegan blinked. “Princess?”
Her dress was once more as it had been, the room bright. “You were gone. And my dress…the plaque…” She lifted her gaze to the wall. There was no plaque. No holder. No flower.
Amara spun on Aegan. “The plaque. The one with the flower. It was right here.”
“I know of no plaque.”
It was Amara’s turn to blink. “But…you just spoke of it.”
Aegan’s brow knitted. “I…”
Amara pressed her hand upon the wall, where the plaque had been. “But I saw it. I held the rose.”