Saturday, 24 December 2016

The Visitor's Room ~ Night Owl Reviews Top Pick

Diana Coyle ~ Night Owl Reviews
5 Stars
This is yet another short story by E. H. James that I absolutely loved. We find Amy a patient in a psych ward who is having strange things happen to her and she doesn’t know why. One minute something is one way like a bed being messed up and the next minute the bed is made and perfectly neat. She wants answers, but it seems no one cares to give them to her. But something is very odd about Amy that she hasn’t even realized yet herself. James knows how to pack just enough horror and mystery in her short pages to keep her readers on the edge of their seats. I love her writing style and I immediately get pulled into her storylines no matter what story I read of hers. She has a way of giving her readers a hook in the first sentence and she grabs your attention until the very last word. I have a new favorite horror author I’m definitely going to follow now!
All Amy wants to know is why some things keep changing in her psych ward room. She asks questions, but continually she doesn’t get answers. She wonders why things keep occurring and no one seems to care about it. But as time quickly elapses, she comes to a realization that’s beyond shocking to her. Why do things keep changing around her without notice? Why can’t she get the answers she’s looking for? What is Amy’s shocking realization that changes her life?

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