Friday, 3 March 2017

The Red Door Series

I am about to launch a series of stories that started as The Red Door.

I never planned on writing a part two, or I have just completed Part Six and Seven, which will be the end of the series. But then, who knows, I may come up with new adventures for the characters of the series.

Parts one through five are to be released, one a month, starting the beginning of March. By then I'll have part six and seven edited, and hopefully accepted for publication with my amazing publisher, Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing. That way they can be released on the heels of part five.

I guess I should clarify something, part one and two, have a fresh edit, and will have a new cover.

I am hoping part six will tie up the loose ends of one character that was mentioned but never expanded upon. And part seven will expand on a character introduced in part five.

Once all parts have been released, the series will then be available as a hard-copy, novel-length book to be purchased from amazon.

I've decided to call this The Demon Series, with each of the first three installations focusing on a main character and their story. Part four brings forward an old character, and part five has several of the characters coming back.

Part six focuses on the life of a character I hadn't planned to write about, but while working on final edits of part one with my editor, the seed was planted, and I had to run with it and expand on it.

In the first version of The Red Door, I held back on the violence. But with the new version, I have decided to let my imagination take over and got a bit descriptive with the gore.

Just one thing I need to say, in order to know the whole story you need to read to the end of the series.

I hope you enjoy!

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