Sunday, 2 April 2017

Beyond the Red Door Review

Diana Coyle ~ Night Owl Reviews

5 Stars

In this second book in the Red Door series, we find teenager Jesse Miller deciding to throw a party at the Starke house for his friends. The day he picks turns out to be the fiftieth anniversary to when teenager Max Jensen entered the house. Jesse wants to do a ritual to raise the dead to entertain his friends and fellow classmates while everyone is at the party. The only problem is things don’t go as well as he anticipates. James has a very creative imagination and exceeds at truly scaring the wits out of readers. Details are so vivid and characters are so humanistic that you can see everything play out before you while you’re reading along. 
My heart was slamming in my chest when Jesse performed the ritual and I started to see that things were quickly getting out of control. I don’t know what would possess anyone to even want to enter the Starke house considering how many murders happened in that house, but Jesse definitely got in way over his head on this little prank he pulled on his friends and classmates. If you’re looking for an author to scare the wits out of you without having to leave your house to go to a theme park or attraction, then James is definitely the horror author to look into. I highly recommend this story to other readers and hope James is penning more stories as I write this review.

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