Monday, 25 September 2017

Reviews ~ The Orah

The Orah
A time travel short story
by E. H. James

Liz wished she could go back and do it all again.
After all, it was Liz’s fault her mom was dead…or so she believed. Had Liz not delayed her, her mom never would have been killed by that car. And as the twentieth anniversary of her mother’s death came around, Liz could not help but wish it had been her instead. That is, until a gentlemen sits next to her on the park bench. He tells her his story, and she feels strangely compelled to tell him hers, but when he leaves her his pocket watch as a gift, she cannot believe what is happening. Only this isn’t just any watch, as she soon discovers, and she is pulled back in time.
Are events coincidental, even random? Or is there a perfectly timed symmetry yet to be lived? The possessor of the Orah is the only one to know.

5 Stars 
Powerful short story. ~ Danyca Russell

5 Stars
Very Poignant! ~ snscuster

4 Stars 
Beautiful ~ Rachael

5 Stars
I wasn't expecting the ending, and I doubt you will either. ~ Heart of a Philanthropist 

5 Stars
Leaves you wanting more. ~ nickindle

5 Stars
A touching tale. ~ Heather

4 Stars
A great read for those who love time travel or "Twilight Zone" fans. ~ Tia's Kindle Shelf

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