Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Darkening & Road's End

I've completed another project titled The Darkening. This one is told in three parts.

I've edited the first part, but need to give the second and third parts a hard edit.

I am now working on completing another project. The working title is Road's End, but I'm not overly excited about that title, so I'll need to come up with something I like better.

I am still trying to decide if this will be three or five parts. I've edited part one, and I just finished part two, and have started part three. I have an idea for a separate story for parts four and five, but they are still linked to the previous parts through the same characters. 

Once I have this series finished, I will work on edits for both series and submit them. 

I am having a hard time deciding which project to work on next. I have several ideas I am excited about for novels or novellas. I will let the story decide how long it wants to be. I really need to write faster. I am capable of writing 120K in four weeks, when I get into a zone with zero distractions or outside obligations. And as long as no heavy research is required, I can get a lot done. 

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